Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The general consensus seems to be that I'm 'nesting'. I cleaned out all our closets including the three year old junk boxes from our last move, so I guess it's true. I also Cleaned off my desk to set up my new computer (Yay!) and we are finally getting rid of the 8 year old monster of a monitor that has been taking up way too much space for way too long. (Double yay!) It's so huge it takes up the same amount of space as my entire new computer. I decided I needed to take a picture to show baby how technology looked before he was born.

I also built the new Ikea dresser we got for baby. Check out the cute fishy knobs I found
at Job Lots in CT!

3 weeks left, I think I'm just about ready.


Roe said...

Love it!!!! I cracked up with the technology comment, hee hee.

Oh, and remember that package I was going to put in the mail for you? Yeah. Not yet. I promise it'll get to you before Baby Benevides makes his debut. Seriously. :)

Sherry said...

Aww...I like the fishy nobs very cute. He will too when he is 1+ years old and wants to chew on them. ;-p

Stacey said...

I was cracking up too... I know the pain of monitor clutter all too well.

Love the knobs... tell me you had Chris lift everything for ya...

Lauren said...

Chris did all the lifting, but I did build all of the dresser drawers at 5:00 am when I couldn't sleep.

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