Sunday, July 22, 2007

No Spoilers Here I Promise...

What do you do when you finish Harry Potter book 7? Go back to looking for funny stuff on the web of course:

If the end of Harry Potter was written by ______

No spoilers at all, just lol funny.

Update: Lots of readers have added their own 'as written by' in the comments. Don't miss the Dr. Seuss! Also, here's mine own contribution...

Jane Austen:

Harry, Ron and Hermione travel back in time to a ball Voldemort attended as a young man to try to learn more about where the Horcruxes might be. The young Tom Riddle sees Hermione across the room and is struck by her beauty. He asks her to dance but she snubs him, which infuriates him, but also makes him instantly in love with her. He asks all his friends who she is and is shocked to find out she's muggle-born. For days he tries to go on being evil, but with Hermione showing up everywhere he goes, he gives in, and confesses his love to her. Hermione is frightened. She and the others quickly flee back to the present time, but the young Voldemort follows them. Hermione grows to love him in return as he uses his power for good to try and impress her, and he is kind of cute after all. The world is saved and Tom and Hermione have a double wedding with Harry and Ginny.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I huge thank you to everyone who helped make Chris' party yesterday such a good time. You're all great and we're so glad you could be there!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Beer Can Chicken

We spent the weekend in Sag Harbor where Chris was very excited to try a recipe he found for Beer Can Chicken. It was delicious and juicy and highly entertaining!